Paediatric automated gait trainer

Prodrobot Training

The PRODROBOT – paediatric automated gait trainer, is an active medical device designed for the rehabilitation of the lower limbs. The device imitates the correct gait pattern and therefore prevents the manifestation of pathological movement patterns in neurological and orthopaedic diseases.

It's devoid of a treadmill, but at the same time allows for adjustable relief of the patient's joints and recreates the movement pattern in all leg joints. This allows for a variety of exercises within one structure. It is equipped with numerous fitting options that allow it to be adjusted to each patient individually.

The PRODROBOT allows performing several exercises with adjustable intensity, according to the individual needs of a patient.

  • Gait – execution of an anatomical gait pattern
  • Swings – execution of gait without bending the knees
  • Squats – both legs move at the same time with the knee flexion
  • Bicycle – simulation of a pedalling movement

The PRODROBOT can be used with patients with the following conditions:

  • cerebral palsy, where have movement disorders are mainly caused by muscle weakness and spasticity
  • muscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy caused by progressive weakness and atrophy of muscles
  • paraplegia
  • gait impairment resulting from a stroke
  • muscle stiffness and impaired motility disorders of gait and posture, Parkinson's disease
  • postural impairment resulting from muscle weakness of varying severity including a flaccid paralysis and polyneuropathies of different causes (toxic, metabolic and autoimmune nature such as Guillain-Barre syndrome)